4 Most Appropriate Time to Eat Fruit

Hasil gambar untuk makan buah

Fruit is a kind of food that is very good for human health . The content of natural sugar in fruit is also better than eat processed foods that contain extra sugar .

Many people said that better eating fruit after a big meal . There is also assumed that the fruit is best consumed before a big meal . So, when the most appropriate time to eat fruit ?

Citing Boldsky pages , Saturday ( 03/09/2016 ) in fact , the body will absorb the nutrients in fruits , when consumed at a given time . Consider the following tips if you want to eat the fruit at the right time .

1. Morning is the best time to consume your favorite fruit . Then , do not forget to drink a glass of water before eating fruits . Eat fruit in the morning helps detoxify the body system well .
2. Afternoons . IF Andari Could not eat fruit in the morning , Try To Eat fruit in sick today .
3. 30 minutes before the big meal . Eating fruits 30 minutes before a big meal will help the body absorb nutrients better . You also can eat an hour before lunch so that the body more energy and skin also get good nutrition from fruits .
 4. 30 minutes before exercise . This time is also a great time to consume the fruit because it can energize and hydrate the body before a lot of wasted energy .

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